Interest rate is only one aspect of your debt strategy. The effective use of home loan tools and structures can assist you to be debt free on your home and to start building wealth outside of the home. Come and talk to Money Headquarters to make sure that your home loan is being used to its full strength and just as importantly; learn whether your home loan has the strengths that you need.

Retirement Planning

What is your retirement dream? It is important to have a plan and it is important to know when you can realistically consider retirement. And if you can realistically consider it we would ask; what are you waiting for? For many of us it is simply the question of how much is enough? At Money Headquarters we can help you to answer these questions and others. We can help you to plan in the final years of your working life to maximise superannuation strategies and we can help you to map out and fund your ultimate retirement dream.  We will not be afraid to tell you that you have enough when the time is right and to encourage you to get started on rewarding yourself as you embark on your retirement journey.

Insurance & Protection Strategies

Insurance is about having a backup plan in case something goes awry. Illness, injury and death are severe examples of things going wrong and apart from the emotional and physical impact of such events, they can be financially devastating. Come and talk to Money Headquarters today to devise a protection strategy that suits you and your budget. Talk to us also about commission free insurance contracts to potentially save you thousands over your period of insurance need. 

Budgeting & Cashflows

The budget is where it all begins. Businesses spend thousands on developing and improving the budget process as a framework for the future. Individuals often ignore the need for a budget and instead live pay to pay. Come and talk to Money Headquarters about how to construct an effective budget.

Debt Strategies 

Companies use debt to optimise their ability to grow. Individuals often look to their home as the key investment asset throughout their lives and at least initially, it is often highly leveraged. Using debt for investment purposes can create additional risk but where that risk is properly managed, leveraged investment strategies are an opportunity to build wealth and in a tax effective manner. Come and talk to Money Headquarters today about how to use debt within your comfort levels to build wealth.

Investment Strategies

Are you concerned that your hard earned savings are not working for you? Make your money work for you by devising an investment plan that is right for you. Whether you are saving for a home, a holiday, the kids’ education or something else or whether you are simply building wealth for a rainy day, come and talk to Money Headquarters and design an investment strategy that is right for you.

Superannuation Strategies

Superannuation is for many of us the most effective tax structure available to us. Medium to high income earners should understand its power and low income earners should understand when and how to access superannuation opportunities.  Super is often maligned due to its preserved nature and also because the rulebook seems to be an ever changing one but at Money Headquarters we are strong believers in the place of superannuation in the financial lives of everyday Australians. Come and talk to us about the strengths and pitfalls of super and how we can design a superannuation strategy to improve your tax position in the short term and build wealth more effectively for you in the long term.